Al Rashed & Al Hadlaq Law firm & Legal Consultancy is aiming to use it’s legal, judicial and advisory expertise both inside and outside Kuwait and employs all legal, judicial and advisory services for Kuwaiti companies.


Our Law Firm also enjoys a broad understanding of the rules, regulations and laws related to commercial, investment and real estate aspects. The office members also have expertise in the field of consultancy, legal services, drafting of contracts and agreements at the local and international levels, as well as contracts and agreements that comply with Islamic Shari’a.

Due to the expertise of the bureau members in the field of international relations, and because our office is the legal representative of Francorp, the world leader and consultant in the field of franchising, the office has established a special international section to provide legal and judicial services in all international commercial and investment areas, locally through our specialized legal team, and in cooperation with a number of associate offices in different countries if necessary.

The office also has the experience of establishing all types of companies and making all legal amendments through our sister company Enjaz United, which has been working in this field since 2012 as a separate entity, until it joined the departments of the office under its supervision when establishing the legal office.

We provide our expert services in all regions of the GCC.

Arbitration and Dispute resolution
Establishment and registration of companies and trademarks
Contracts drafting
SME’S services
Legal consultations
Collection of depts.
Law Firm
Franchise Services

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